Ramadan Food Aid 2020

CLF is pleased to launch this year’s Ramadan Food Aid appeal. Consistently since 2010, through the support of your donations, several thousands of families of widows, orphans and needy have been provided with food packages to cater their full month of Ramadan. In 2018 alone, over 1000 such families were supported during this month.

In accordance with local celebrations and special events, every year during the fasting month of Ramadan, Food Aid is distributed to families struggling with their basic needs. Food is purchased in bulk and packed by volunteers to be distributed shortly before the fasting month begins.

Ramadan Food Aid Packs contain lentils, vegetables, flour, rice, cooking oil, sugar and other staples required for a medium size family (of six) to last the full month Ramadan. This alleviates the worry and concern of families anxious of where their next meal is coming from, now knowing they can successfully practice religious duties and not have to fall into despair thinking about food arrangements.

As part of this program, previous recipients of Food Aid that have improved in their financial and social economic situation, volunteer to improve the lives of others in their community and continue to show appreciation for the support they received through Community Lighthouse Foundation.

With your help, this year, we aim to provide for a target of over 1500 families.

Please donate generously.

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