Gaza Appeal 2021

Hundreds of Palestinians including women and children are losing lives and thousands are injured and displaced due to the ongoing armed conflict in Gaza. The humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip continues to deteriorate and so far 70,000 civilian men, women and children have had to flee their homes in search of safety and are sheltering in UNRWA schools in the governorates of North Gaza, Gaza City, the central Governorate and Rafah Governorate.


CLF Charity and its partners have prepared this:

*Gaza Emergency Response Plan *

To provide immediate and mid-term relief to the people affected by the ongoing military offensives.

Provision of Non-Food and Food Items for Displaced and People in Need

  1. Around 17,000 displaced people from the North Gaza District—residents of the Bedouin village, north and west of Beit Lahiya, Beit Hanoun and east of Jabaliya—have moved to 18 UNRWA schools (15 schools in Jabaliya and three in Beit Lahiya and Beit Hanoun).
  2. Around 20,000 displaced people from Gaza City—residents of al-Shujaiya, al-Toffah and al- Zaytoun neighbourhoods, and residents of the North Gaza District—have moved to 27 schools (13 schools in east Gaza City and 12 in west Gaza City).
  3. Around 1,000 displaced people from the Middle Gaza District—residents close to the separation fence areas or those whose homes were bombed—moved to three schools (in al-Nusairat, al- Maghazi and Deir al-Balah).
  4. In Rafah, five UNRWA schools have been opened in the al-Shaboura and al-Barazil neighbourhoods in the centre of Rafah City, housing 770 families (3,900 persons) moved from al- Shouka village and al-Salam neighbourhood, close to the border with Egypt.

Immediate Needs:
Almost 70,000 men, women, and children are displaced after destructions of homes and they are moving to safe shelters.

*CLF Charity’s Response:

Bread for Gaza:
Hot Meals for Gaza *

CLF Charity is providing bread & hot meals to many internally displaced families on a daily basis in Gaza since almost all displaced families have no cooking arrangements. A packet of bread will consist of 15 loafs which are sufficient for a family of four:

  • 1 Packet of Bread (includes 15 loaves): £2
  • 5 Packets of Bread for five families: £10

Please support the Bread for Gaza initiative by sponsoring a day or several days to provide bread for Gaza.

The following is the sponsorship cost:

  • One Day of Bread Distribution for Gaza Sponsorship: 1,000 Families cost: £2,000

CLF Charity is providing Hot Meals in Gaza. The urgent hot meals will be targeting & distributed to vulnerable families. Due to the disruption of electricity and shortage of fuel many families are sleeping hungry. Help us to help them by donating hot meals to families in need. A hot meal will provide food for one family for one day.

  • 1 Family (feeds 4 people for one day): £8
  • 2 Families (feeds 8 people for one day): £16
  • 3 Families (feeds 12 people): £24
  • 5 Families (feeds 20 people): £40

Please give generously and donate whatever you can.

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