Coronavirus Community Support

With the current ongoing situation it is important we support the most vulnerable in our community. This includes the elderly, pregnant women, those with underlying health conditions, children, babies – everyone that needs help amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are so many people in need throughout our community. We need to come together to try and help save lives.

Many, like the elderly, have contributed so much to the community over the years and it’s time to give back.

How will this initiative work?

As you all are aware we are facing an unprecedented challenge as a community and there is no time better than now to come together in spirit during this pandemic. We aim to work with various charitable organisations to ensure no one in isolation suffers over the coming weeks – working to help those most vulnerable, no matter what their background.

We will ensure that the funds raised from our amazing community go directly to dealing with those in need on the front line of this crisis.

Please Give Generously.

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